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CEM for Business Operations

Respond to business disruptions with integrated Business Continuity and resilience tools built on our critical event management platform. The power of IoT, visual risk intelligence, and flexible incident management capabilities fast-track operation recovery while safeguarding your people, assets, and processes.

Business Continuity

How it Works


Zapoj AI-powered risk intelligence continuously mines worldwide risks events, filters out the noise of irrelevant and overwhelming critical event data, gives you the information you need, when you need it most, with pinpoint accuracy and visibility into facilities or people. Further it provides Incident management to activate response teams or critical communications via Emergency Mass Notifications to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.

Global security

Eliminate guesswork in managing risks for your assets and workforce across the globe. Achieve uninterrupted operational efficiency with a visual Risk Intelligence that generates real-time risk intelligence and incident response.

  • Common operating picture to visualize threat landscape
  • Situational awareness for contextual decisions
  • Real-time visibility across worldwide activity
  • Incident management through a coordinated response
  • Global employee safety and asset security
Global security

Business operations

Always stay ahead of disaster with an emergency preparedness plan. Historical risk data help you prepare for future emergencies and optimize resources to get back to normal operations rapidly.

  • Identify gaps and build best practices with experts
  • Unified decision support through emergency conference bridging
  • Proactive response to natural disasters, active shooters, or cyberattacks
  • Location intelligence and two-way communication
  • Rapid facility recovery and operation continuity
Business operations

Incident management & Task assignment

Resolve critical incidents faster with the right activation team to resume the operations rapidly. With digital workflows that activate an incident ticket, you know your team never misses critical notifications and reduces MTTA/MTTR.

  • Incident context for every type of critical event
  • Digital workflow automation advances incident response
  • Built-in capability to allow message template customizability
  • Real-time unified collaboration and communication software
  • Full control upon on-call schedules and rotations
Incident management & task assignment

Next-Generation Software for Business and Operational Resilience

Everything your Business continuity management teams need to assess risk, locate impacted people and facilities, and act rapidly to drive continued optimization for your organization.

Leverage Zapoj CEM across business operations teams

Zapoj CEM provides a comprehensive solution to support business operations across multiple personas. With its flexible platform, it can be leveraged by various teams in your organization, from Global Security to crisis management, to improve business resilience and continuity

Safety & Security
Safety & Security
  • Security threats
  • Inclement weather
  • Health risks
  • Workplace hazards
  • Facility issues
  • Travel Advisories
Business Operations
Business Operations
  • Office Closures
  • Incident Reporting
  • Power outages
  • Facility updates
  • Equipment malfunctions alerts
  • Product recall management
Business Continuity
Business Continuity
  • Risk assessment
  • Critical event response
  • Stakeholder
  • Coordination
  • Employee safety status
  • Dispatch coordination

Frequently Asked Questions

Zapoj CEM for Business operations software bundle helps GSOC, Emergency response and Crisis Management teams in automation of resilience for Business Operations.
  • Proactively monitor and analyze domestic or worldwide critical events, dramatically increasing the ability to respond to risks that threaten your operations.
  • Reach all employees whether in the office, at home, or traveling, to raise awareness, and drive action.
  • Accelerate and orchestrate complex Crisis Management activities like activating incident response teams, automating standard operating procedure as Task List and tracking, Critical communications and collaboration, providing reports for compliance and improving overall business resilience.
  • Improves suitProactively manage day-to-day challenges and respond to disasters when they arise with a complete and shared understanding of critical events, incidents, and threats.
Where as Business Continuity planning software helps organization in
  • Assets , Vendor and Key documents registry.
  • Business Impact Analysis, which allows organizations to identify the most important business services (including underlying dependencies), and understand how much disruption could be tolerated in a given circumstance.
  • Gap Analysis and recovery strategy planning

Business Operations Bundle was built from the ground up as part of Zapoj's complete CEM platform, unlike other software companies which have been cobbled together through acquisitions — all to help our customers improve Business Resilience.

With Business Operations Bundle, all of your Risk monitoring , Emergency Notifications, Incident Management , reporting tools and data can be accessed from one place, so avoiding the need completely to juggle between multiple point solutions and waste valuable time during critical event response. With AI based technology, it’s both deeply powerful and uniquely easy to use. Last but not least, with builtin integrations to your GSOC, Crisis Management teams have all its favorite tools on one platform. Please refer CEM buyer checklist for Business Operations.

Zapoj’s customer support team is here to help with all your technical questions. Have a problem setting up your data? Can’t figure out how to create a template? No problem. Business Operations bundle Essentials & Growth customers have access to chat and email support. Addition to this customers using our Enterprise editions also have access to 24/7 phone support.

Getting started with Zapoj's CEM for Business Operations software is almost instantaneous. Provide your Security and Crisis Management teams with logins and access to the appropriate roles, and they’ll be able to help getting it up and running in no time. Functionality like Portal settings, Contacts uploads, creating Groups, Mass Notification Templates, Incident Task Templates and analytics will be easy and self serviceable. Customers can use an online docs portal with user guide and videos for self learning.

For more advanced implementations, like Multi phase Incidents, Multi Team Scenario Incident planning and custom integrations may take slightly longer to get started. Zapoj’s Customer success teams will hand hold you for solution design and implementation.

Take the first step towards improving Business Operations

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