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CEM for Insurance Industry

Disaster resilience, protection, and recovery are all you need to provide improved underwriting insurance services to your customers. Zapoj CEM gives all types of insurance service providers the ability to leverage real-time actionable intelligence to filter noise, and derive accurate information to reach and protect people and staff in harm’s way. By helping detect threats ahead of time and allocate resources to mitigate impacts, Zapoj helps insurers improve operational efficiency and deliver overall organizational resilience to align with customer expectations.


Increase efficiency for underwriting operations

Win the trust of your customers and build confidence in them for a long-term relationship to help you flourish your business. With Zapoj encompassing the critical event management platform abilities, you can access incident management and critical communications to respond to, prevent risk, and maintain operations by maintaining your critical equipment and digital assets.

Identify threats at a granular level across the risk zones to know which of your assets are critical. By combining data into one single system, you can avoid guesswork and accelerate equipment maintenance and efficiency at scale.
Get Zapoj CEM to fetch real-time data from IoT-connected devices and embed it in your dashboard to improve visualization 一 providing you the ability to spot trends and patterns of threat to your systems and help localize the assets for risk prevention and protection.
Optimizing time during emergencies is key to managing better the impacts of critical events on your digital assets. Rule-based workflows escalate when risk is detected and reach the right on-call schedules responsible to prevent and take control of critical situations.
Increase efficiency for underwriting operations

Build agile supply chains

Bring operational efficiency and process improvement to the claims functions by building an end-to-end claims journey across your supply chain. The proactive way to enhance claim functionality and improve customer experience is by optimizing supply chain management 一 and Zapoj CEM brings you that convenience and flexibility.

Build end-to-end visibility upon your cybersecurity assets across your supply chain networks. By providing situational awareness, you gain the ability to sense what is happening to your network and prepare better to prevent the impact of cybersecurity threats.
Identify the right supply channel, approaching risks without creating unnecessary chaos and confusion for the response team. To build frictionless and seamless insurance operations and help your customers get early access to insurance claims, location intelligence can minimize operational risk by accelerating the localizing of threat zones.
Zapoj CEM provides embedded communication and incident management tools to communicate and mobilize emergency preparedness efforts to prevent supply chain risks. With the right receiving the alert on their preferred channels, incident management can be sped up for supply chain disruptions.

Protect your facilities

Severe weather, man-made disasters, and infectious disease can put your operations at facilities at risk. Keep operational efficiency at its best by preventing threats to your assets, processes, people, and staff. Zapoj CEM makes it easier to prevent unplanned downtime by building enterprise-wide resilience.

With Zapoj CEM, gain the ability to build logic-based automated on-call schedules 一 to allow them to sync with your employee database and alert the right team members to minimize facility risks.
Detect threats to your facility operations more closely by building a single pane of glass combining multiple data points to analyze the threat landscape and its severity. Improved decision-making makes it easier to speed up your disaster preparedness efforts while keeping everything at your facility protected.
Build organizational resilience by leveraging location intelligence that improves indoor navigation for people and staff during rescue operations and brings them to safety.

IT incident management

Managing major IT incidents is not easy, especially for some unpredictable reasons. Insurers can opt for SaaS-based digital solutions to minimize vulnerabilities that could potentially be damaging to their business and customer experience.

Automate the tedious task of incident log-in and tracking. Create digital workflows using logical conditioning to escalate during critical events and increase crisis response time to reduce MTTR and increase IT incident management efficiency.
Send critical messages during IT incidents on multiple devices your IT incident management teams use. Deliver actionable reporting and mobilize the right team to take proactive action and restore operations.
Eliminate guesswork and get a true picture of the IT incidents. Reach the right IT incident management team and make real-time decisions in mitigating the impacts and preventing a minor IT incident from turning out to be a major concern.

Keep your people safe

Your people may travel or work in different locations to provide efficiency in the insurance services for customers. To ensure productivity as well as build employee experience and trust, leverage Zapoj CEM which enables your people to use the right tools to stay informed and safe.

As Zapoj CEM allows for opt-in services, your employees can easily receive emergency notifications while they travel. It is easy and convenient for insurance leaders to build safe and reliable duty of care for lone workers, including on-premise staff.
Zapoj provides mass notification capabilities that can be utilized to send crisis notifications using location intelligence to people in harm’s way. Automate crisis response to save time while keeping them informed and safe.
Integrate Zapoj with your contact base and build end-to-end monitoring upon your people. Use critical communication tools to alert your people and help them avoid infection risks no matter where they are.
Keep your people safe

Zapoj for Insurance Industry

Zapoj is a SaaS-based critical event management platform that uses AI technologies to drive operational efficiencies and boost organizational resilience for financial leaders in the insurance industry. Leverage critical communications tools and incident management solutions to achieve a real-time threat picture and accelerate emergency preparedness plans for your crisis management team. Leverage Zapoj CEM, eliminate noise, and automate critical communications to reduce the impacts of disasters on your insurance services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zapoj Critical Event Management (CEM) platform can support various use cases for the Insurance industry, including:
  1. Managing natural disasters and other large-scale events: CEM can help insurance companies respond quickly and effectively to natural disasters and other large-scale events that can disrupt business operations. By providing real-time visibility into the situation, CEM can help insurers assess the impact of an event and take appropriate action.
  2. Detecting and responding to cyber threats: CEM can help insurance companies detect and respond to cyber threats. For example, it can monitor network traffic and identify unusual activity, allowing insurers to take steps to mitigate the risk.
  3. Managing regulatory compliance: CEM can help insurance companies stay compliant with regulations by providing real-time visibility into their business operations. For example, it can monitor data and ensure that it is being handled in accordance with regulations.
  4. Managing customer service: CEM can help insurers improve customer service by providing real-time visibility into customer interactions. For example, it can monitor social media and detect customer complaints, allowing insurers to respond quickly and effectively.
  5. Managing equipment failure : CEM can help insurance companies detect and respond to equipment failures. For example, it can monitor sensor data from equipment and detect unusual behavior, allowing insurers to take steps to mitigate the risk.
  6. Managing supply chain disruptions: CEM can help insurance companies detect and respond to supply chain disruptions. For example, it can monitor logistics data and detect delays, allowing insurers to take steps to mitigate the risk.
  7. IT Event Management and alerting: CEM can be used to monitor various IT systems and applications and provide alerts to staff when a potential issue is detected. This can help to identify and resolve issues before they become major problems, helping to minimize downtime and improve overall performance.
CEM can be used to track weather patterns and potential natural disasters in real-time, allowing insurers to quickly respond and mitigate losses. The platform can also be used to automate the claims process, helping insurers to quickly process claims and get policyholders the help they need.
Yes, CEM is a highly configurable platform that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of any insurance organization. The platform can be configured to monitor and respond to specific events, and integrate with other systems and technologies.

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