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CEM for Utilities and Energy

Renewable energy and electricity service providers need robust critical communications and crisis management tools to optimize business continuity across pipeline management to plant operations 一 and to serve the community while promoting a customer-driven organization. Disruptions are inevitable in times of emergency, including severe weather, explosions, man-made disasters, and explosions. Protect your people, property, and places with the Zapoj CEM platform by efficiently creating emergency preparedness and response plans using visual risk intelligence and incident management capabilities. Deliver actionable and rapid threat protection and leverage operational resilience and business continuity.

CEM for Utilities Industry

Operationalizing all your critical equipment

Serving your communities needs operational efficiency of all your critical equipment and assets both off-site and on-premises. Maintain end-to-end visibility and prevent major breakdowns of your assets by minimizing the risk impacts. Use Zapoj CEM to leverage critical communications, visual risk intelligence, and incident management.

For many energy companies, the weather is a hard factor to predict as it influences their risk mitigation efforts for their digital assets and critical infrastructure. Using Zapoj helps you gain contextual awareness through multiple data points and constantly helps you protect your business-critical systems and keep operations running without any downtime.
Drive operational efficiency by deriving valuable insight into the actual operation and health of critical equipment and digital assets using the power of IoT. Zapoj captures data from sensors built within critical equipment and alerts the disaster recovery team to ensure safety and drive equipment performance.
Zapoj makes it easy to track critical assets and the entire infrastructure all within a single platform, enabling remote monitoring and predictive maintenance. Automated digital workflows are designed to escalate and alert emergency teams when and as your systems are put at risk.
Operationalizing  all your critical equipment

Empower your supply chain operations

Digitalization of the supply chain is one of the best ways to revolutionize supply chain operations in the energy and utility realm. Severe weather, man-made disasters, and unforeseen public unrest increase vulnerabilities to your supply chain operations and hinder performance. Prevent risks and improve supply operations with Zapoj CEM’s predictive analytics, risk intelligence, and business continuity capabilities.

Energy supply chain networks have exacerbated vulnerabilities due to cyberattacks, which expose critical data to hackers. Cyberattacks entail an infiltration process that causes disruptions to the entire supplier network. Build end-to-end visibility to fetch real-time threat alerts and prevent disruption in real time.
To prevent risks, use Zapoj CEM’s location intelligence to locate supply networks that are under threat and prevent downtime impacts with real-time alerts and incident management capabilities. By reducing response time, our CEM platform helps you prevent increasing operational costs.
Get an advanced AI/ML technology that provides real-time threat alerts and risk intelligence to view threats across your supply chain. By combining data and improving decision-making, you can optimize your logistics route and better handle incidents in your supply networks.
Empower your supply chain operations

Optimize operations at facilities

Operations at facilities can face disruptions due to severe weather, man-made disasters, and infectious disease. By fetching real-time threat alerts and leveraging rapid communications with your people and the community, you can prevent risk to facilities and keep up operational efficiency.

When every process is automated, it gives you more convenient ways to get on-call schedules to receive threat alerts during critical incidents. With Zapoj CEM, gain the ability to build customized workflows that work in tandem with your contact base and notify the right connection responsible to mitigate the facility risks.
Whether you have gas and energy operations located at distant locations or within close vicinity, Zapoj allows you to connect every touchpoint using IoT-enabled data and build a common operating picture, helping you predict threats and prepare critical efforts based on threat severity.
With Zapoj, harnessing geospatial and geographic data is much simpler. This embedded tool delivers visuals of your facilities in real-time after, during, and before threats, giving you rapid solutions to allocate resources and move your people and assets to a safe zone.
Optimize operations at facilities

Minimize IT incidents

IT incidents cost your business several million dollars while damaging your reputation. Reduce MTTR and achieve enhanced operational efficiency with visual risk intelligence, IT alerting, and smart on-call schedules to rapidly reduce impacts and reinstate system functions.

Utility operations can stop functioning with IT incidents. Build end-to-end visibility with your internal systems and improve the operational response by automating IT alerting with Zapoj. Improve IT incident response and restore operations rapidly.
Improve incident response by removing tedious and mundane work processes during IT incidents. Apply rules and create your digital workflows for incident response teams to support them in responding to IT incidents in real time and prevent impacts instantly.
Improve contextual awareness and eliminate the guesswork. Gain data-driven decision-making and mobilize the right incident response team with pre-built message templates to build error-free communications and increase response time.
Minimize IT incidents

Keep your people safe

The utility and energy environment is the open ground for safety and health hazard for your people for the growing risks of dangerous weather, trip and fall, and toxic gas among others. Keep your people safe from unsafe weather conditions with Zapoj coordinated and integrated critical communications systems.

When your people are traveling or working as lone workers, they are exposed to risks. Use built-in two-way communications embedded in Zapoj CEM to improve critical response and deliver safety precautions or support when your people are in harm’s way.
Leverage location-based targeted notifications for people working in unsafe zones. Targeted alerts notify those who are in danger and need immediate assistance to protect themselves from risks. Eliminate noise and reach only the right person without creating panic for others in the community.
Integrate Zapoj with your contact base and build end-to-end monitoring upon your people. Use critical communication tools to alert your people and help them avoid infection risks no matter where they are. rt your people and help them avoid infection risks no matter where they are.
Keep your people safe

Zapoj for Utility Industry

Zapoj delivers bespoke solutions to industry leaders in the utility sectors to build and support their resiliency and business continuity objectives. By delivering AIML capabilities in its CEM platform, Zapoj enables leaders to tap into the power of visual risk intelligence, crisis communications, and incident management capabilities that help manage incidents and minimize the impacts of disruptions rapidly. The ability to communicate, respond to, and mitigate incidents in real-time provides utility leaders with the best opportunity to mitigate risks and get back to normal operations quickly and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zapoj Critical Event Management (CEM) platform can support various use cases for the Utilities and Energy industry, including:
  1. Managing equipment failure: CEM can help utilities and energy companies detect and respond to equipment failures in real-time, reducing downtime and ensuring continuity of service.
  2. Cybersecurity threats: CEM can help utilities and energy companies detect and respond to cybersecurity threats, reducing the risk of data breaches and ensuring the safety and security of critical infrastructure.
  3. Compliance and regulatory requirements: CEM can help utilities and energy companies stay compliant with regulations and standards, such as those related to environmental health and safety.
  4. Emergency management: CEM can help utilities and energy companies respond to and manage emergencies, such as natural disasters, power outages, and other disruptions to service.
  5. Predictive maintenance: CEM can help utilities and energy companies predict and prevent equipment failures, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
  6. IT Event Management and alerting: CEM can be used to monitor various IT systems and applications and provide alerts to staff when a potential issue is detected. This can help to identify and resolve issues before they become major problems, helping to minimize downtime and improve overall performance
  7. Remote monitoring and control: CEM can help utilities and energy companies remotely monitor and control equipment and systems, reducing the need for on-site personnel and improving efficiency.
CEM provides a centralized platform for managing critical events, which allows companies to respond more quickly and effectively to disruptions. It also provides real-time data and analytics that can help utilities and energy companies identify potential risks and take proactive measures to mitigate them.

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