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CEM for Transportation

Transportation services must operate at full scale to offer uninterrupted services to the community. With diverse and complex processes working in the backend and front of the transportation ecosystem, stakeholders, peers, and leaders unleash efforts to keep everyone 一 from employees, community members, passengers, and visitors to tenants 一 informed and safe during emergency situations. By automating mass notification systems to notify people of upcoming or evolving emergency situations, active shootouts, and traffic snarls, leaders can enhance resource optimization and keep people, property, and transportation services protected and running all the time. Leverage Zapoj to gain the potential of extended capabilities of advanced AIML technologies through its CEM platform to automate crisis communications and collaborations and accelerate operational continuity and achieve resilience.

CEM for Transportation

Protect all your digital assets

With thousands of critical equipment and digital assets operating incessantly across transportation sites for aircraft, bus, and train operations, unpredictable and unforeseen weather incidents, active shooter incidents, fire, and other incidents can put your transportation service at risk. Minimize risks using Zapoj visual risk intelligence that helps you build end-to-end visibility and mobilize emergency preparedness efforts to minimize the impacts.

It is normal to get fatigued by the information overload that comes from different sources at the time of critical events. Decipher the most critical information and act as per the information that is relevant and contextual. Zapoj helps you achieve contextual awareness and connect with people to protect your business-critical systems in real-time.
Zapoj gives you the ability to drive operational efficiency of your critical equipment and assets all the time so that you face fewer downtime and optimize usage of your assets to the fullest potential. With Zapoj CEM, you can capture data of your assets through IoT connectivity and visualize the health of your assets to offer ahead of time maintenance for maximum output.
Eliminate the guesswork as you use Zapoj to correlate risks to your critical equipment. Identify the exact equipment in its location without spending long hours and enable maintenance work to prevent equipment failure and restore operations rapidly.
Protect all your digital assets

Build supply chain resilience

Improve supply chain performance and visibility by driving the digitalization of your supply chain operations. Use Zapoj CEM to create predictive intelligence from geospatial maps to strengthen supply chain visibility and prevent disruptions against critical weather, man-made disasters, and unforeseen public unrest.

Use Zapoj to build end-to-end supply network tracking. When your operations are at risk and disruptions are likely, emergency alerts can save you in real time. Understand the potential impacts of risk of critical events on your supply chain networks and proactively prevent the impacts.
Pull data from IoT-connected devices to track your supply assets that are significant to improving operational efficiency. Analyze data and gain situational awareness to take precautions ahead of time and protect your assets.
Get advanced location intelligence to see which supply route is at risk in advance. The use of location intelligence helps monitor your assets on the move and reroute the logistics at the time of critical events using real-time alerts.
Build supply chain resilience

Protect your transportation facilities

An increasing volume of operations at the transportation facilities needs in-depth monitoring to prevent disruptions. Get flexibility and agility for operational efficiency across the airport, bus, and port operations using Zapoj CEM. Build improved visitor management services while protecting your people, assets, and processes during severe weather, man-made disasters, and infectious disease outbreaks.

During critical events, you need the power of mass notifications to communicate with your people, external parties, communities, and city departments to reliably keep them informed and safe. Prevent facility risks using multi-modal critical communications and collaborations platform, Zapoj.
Zapoj allows you to connect every touchpoint across the transportation facilities using IoT-enabled data and build a common operating picture, helping you predict threats and prepare critical efforts based on threat severity.
Use location intelligence to identify threats to your facilities during critical events. Get visuals of the threat zones and correlate them with surrounding assets to build a deep analysis of the threat picture.
Protect your transportation facilities

Tap into automated IT response

The transportation facilities can be put at risk by IT issues. Reduce mean time to respond to and react to the incidents in real time. With Zapoj CEM, achieve enhanced operational efficiency by having on-call schedules work to rapidly reduce impacts and reinstate system functions.

Transportation operations can achieve operational continuity by using Zapoj CEM which enables to detect events and minimize impacts with real-time incident alerting.
Improve contextual awareness and eliminate the guesswork. Gain data-driven decision-making and mobilize the right incident response team with pre-built message templates to build error-free communications and increase response time.
IT outages, severe weather, and man-made disasters can put transportation services at risk. This leads to severe critical situations for transient passengers as they want to board various transportation types. Besides, your people, passengers, and visitors can have trouble times anywhere in the transportation facilities onsite or offsite. Get Zapoj to gain coordinated and integrated critical communications systems to keep your people and processes informed and safe.
Tap into automated IT response

Keep your people and staff informed and safe

Severe weather, coronavirus threats, and man-made disasters can put your people and employee at risk. Account for each of their safety by leveraging coordinated emergency response and location intelligence to keep them informed and safe- no matter where they are.

Allow all your passengers to sign-up for notifications of trouble or critical incidents or service disruption via the opt-in portal in the Zapoj CEM platform. Actively manage evacuations and keep people informed across multiple communications channels via digital signage, email, text, and voice and prevent transportation risks.
Get location-based targeted notifications for people working in the transportation locations. Targeted alerts notify those who are in danger and need immediate assistance to protect themselves from risks. Minimize information overload and orchestrate critical information to the right person only.
The global pandemic unleashes health risks everywhere including transportation facilities. Integrate Zapoj with your contact base and build end-to-end monitoring upon your people and understand the risk landscape with visual risk intelligence. . Use critical communication tools to implement lone worker safety at airports, ports, and across different transportation locations.
Keep your people and staff informed and safe

Zapoj for Transportation Industry

Zapoj delivers actionable insights and analytics to identify opportunities in the transportation sectors and boost performance for safety, operational resilience, and business continuity. Leverage the Zapoj CEM platform to utilize emergency alerts for any type of severe weather and for critical incidents like an active shooter, fire, and IT outages. By delivering AIML capabilities in its CEM platform, Zapoj enables leaders to tap into the power of visual risk intelligence, crisis communications, and incident management capabilities that help manage incidents and minimize the impacts of disruptions on the transportation industry. Ensure people’s safety, business management, and continuity to build a safer and better transportation service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zapoj Critical Event Management (CEM) platform can support various use cases for the transportation industry, including:
  1. Managing equipment failures: CEM can help transportation companies to quickly identify and respond to equipment failures, such as engine malfunctions or brake failures, in order to minimize downtime and maintain safe operations.
  2. Coordinating emergency response: CEM can aid transportation companies in coordinating emergency response efforts during incidents such as accidents, natural disasters, and other disruptions.
  3. Tracking and managing cargo: CEM can assist transportation companies in real-time tracking and managing cargo, including monitoring for delays and identifying potential issues before they result in disruptions.
  4. Managing regulatory compliance: CEM can help transportation companies to stay compliant with regulatory requirements, such as transportation safety laws and environmental regulations.
  5. Managing IT outages: CEM can help transportation companies to minimize downtime and quickly restore services during IT outages.
  6. Managing Cybersecurity Risks: CEM can help transportation companies to identify and respond to cybersecurity threats, such as hacking attempts, malware infections, and other malicious activity.
CEM systems can provide real-time alerts and notifications in the event of an emergency. This allows transportation companies to quickly respond to the situation and minimize any potential damage.
CEM systems can monitor IT infrastructure, alert the IT team and provide real-time visibility into IT infrastructure. This allows transportation companies to quickly identify the root cause and minimize the downtime caused by IT outages.
CEM systems can monitor equipment and provide real-time alerts when something is not working as it should. This allows transportation companies to quickly address the issue and minimize downtime.
CEM systems can provide real-time visibility into the entire supply chain, allowing transportation companies to quickly identify and respond to potential disruptions. This could include things like natural disasters, labor strikes, or other unexpected events.
CEM systems can monitor network and device activity for signs of a cyber attack. This allows transportation companies to quickly identify and respond to potential threats, minimizing the risk of data breaches or other security incidents.

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